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Kingdom Business Lifestyle Podcast

Mar 31, 2019

We may not realize it but much of what is taught today are defeated religious teachings that actually hinder advancement for the Kingdom. Today I will talk about the difference between the Victorious Gospel, and a Defeated Gospel!! God bless and I hope you enjoy!! 

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Mar 24, 2019

Many times in Christianity we over look this very important area... SKILL-SET. We want to go to the next level, we want to do great things right?? Well what if the thing holding us back was our skill level.. We cannot afford to be a jack-of-all things, we must gain expertise! This episode will show you how!

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Mar 17, 2019

I have discovered that if a Christian wants to grow a business or a ministry with social media, it is not just the technical side that needs to be understood, but it is a mindset that must be understood! In today's podcast we will be talking about Business Growth Strategy as well as Ministry Growth Strategy.. You may...

Mar 14, 2019

In this episode I share about why I believe Christians are "Anointed for Business!" Also today we will be talking about the Grace of God and what it looks like when it invades a persons financial life. I have discovered that most Christians have amazing dreams and business ideas but that they feel guilty stepping...

Mar 12, 2019

Today I share a bit of my testimony and how I began to step in to the business life as a Christian. I also share about my experience as a missionary on the front lines here in Nicaragua!  I am so excited about hanging out with you all in the upcoming episodes! In this season look to learn Kingdom Revelation, Business...