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Kingdom Business Lifestyle Podcast

Sep 28, 2019

Jesus said that he came that we MAY have life and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY... He didn't say he would force the life of abundance on us.. Today sadly 80% of Christians are living in financial lack and in constant fear and worry about money.. I believe this is not the will of God. Today I am going to share with you a...

Sep 21, 2019

Today most ministries have the mindset of NON-PROFIT and function with the mentality of WE NEED MORE DONATIONS. But does the bible actually teach this..? Aren't we called to PRODUCE WEALTH? Today I will be sharing with you all a better more effective way to do ministry!

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Sep 20, 2019

Many people today attack the so called "Prosperity Gospel" the reason being they don't know WHY we are supposed to prosper, therefore they don't understand it. See God actually needs us SUPER RICH! WHY?? Because his plan is that HIS people would have charge or dominion over this earth.. And to do that we must take...

Sep 13, 2019

Most theologies today completely contradict themselves, which is why most believers are not free.. For example, we say things like "we have complete victory in Christ BUT", we say "the blood of Jesus set us free BUT", we say "the devil is defeated BUT".. Here is the real question do we have complete victory or not?? Did...